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 Tamanna Bhatia


Full Name: Tamanna Bhatia

Date of Birth: 21-12-1989

Father’s name: Santhosh Bhatia

Mother’s name: Rajani Bhatia

Brother’s name: Anand Bhatia

Education: First Year Student at National college in Bandra

Hobbies: Music, Watching films, Dancing

is an Indian actress, who is quite famous in south India. Her original name is Tamanna Bhatia. She started her career as a model, then shifted to movies. She made her debut in a hindi movie called Chand Sa Roshan Chehra. The movie was not received well by the audience and so she could not make a good start in Bollywood. But then in 2005 she acted in a Telugu movie called Sri. Also this movie was a flop. Her acting continued now in a Tamil movie called Kedi. Again, this movie did not provide any breakthrough to Tamanna. 

Her acting career seemed to be going downhill. But then 2 movies (Kalloori in Tamil and Happy days in Telugu) in 2007 which had her in lead role were big box office hits. Then she started getting roles with big heroes. She started acting in many movies in the following years. The movies are, Kalidasu, Netru Indru Naalai, Padikkathavan, Koncham Istam Koncham Kastam, Ayan, Aananda Thandavam, Kanden Kaadalai, Paiya, Sura and Thillalangadi. Some of the movies such as Padikkathavan, Ayan, Paiya were hits and some movies like Sura were big flops. She was nominated for Filmfare best actress award for many of her movies.


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